GUE Tech I Internships

Various locales



The GUE method of building a Technical diving instructor is thorough and methodical. It involves a lot of time and effort to ensure that the finished process will reflect the world class instruction that GUE is known for. 

In 2011 I started on my Internship journey on the way to becoming a GUE tech instructor. I have to admit that I was a bit intimidated by the prospect when I looked at the names on the GUE instructor list who were teaching Tech. Jarrod, Richard L, Dan M, Bob S, Dave R, Gideon L, Mario A...... I mean, the company I wanted to keep were known as the best technical instructors in the world. And I wanted to sit at the same table...? Jeez.... time to raise the bar and keep it there..

The process requires that a prospective student intern with an Instructor trainer and evaluator on multiple occasions, gradually extending the range of their teaching skills and responsibilities while under the watchful eye of their trainer/evaluator. First and foremost it is always about the students and their safety and it was a lot of responsibility to know that we were now starting to enter a different world of diving where mistakes could have significant consequences. I have to admit to being a bit intimidated by this at first but as my experience and learning grew, so did my confidence. 

I was lucky enough to intern on several occasions with Dan Mackay and Richard Lundgren. While the course is the same, the subtlties are different from instructor to instructor and by working with at least two different evaluators as i did, you are able to pick up their "tricks of the trade" as it were and see how the same material may be presented differently. I thoroughly enjoyed my internships and was lucky to have terrific students who consented to letting me work with them while they were in their classes. This opportunity can be hard to find so thank you Koos, Laura, Margaret, Lamont, Kees, Shawn, and Greg for tolerating me. :-)

Thanks also to Dan and Richard for spending as much time with me as you did and agreeing to take me under your wing as it were. 

Now, you have to fast forward to the Tech IE to see how things went.......;-)