GUE Recreational Diver 1 (Nitrox)

February 1, 2010

Duncan BC,


Congratulations to Trevor and Travis for completing Canada's first ever GUE Rec I course!  

We started with a team of three but one of our students became ill outside of class but Trevor and Travis completed the most in-depth open water diving class offered in the world! To understand the difference between most normal open water classes and the GUE Rec I class, you really need to examine the course structure and what our students are capable of doing at the end of the class. To put things in perspective, Travis and Trevor completed 26 open water dives by the end of the course and were doing controlled gas-sharing ascents with an SMB by the end of the course! Last time I checked, the industry standard was 4 dives to complete their open water training...:-) I leave it up to the reader to ponder the capacity, competence and degree of comfort a GUE Rec I diver will have compared to someone with only 4 dives..... The course standard is 11 dives but, well, GUE instructors are "encouraged to exceed training standards" so "exceed" we did. :-) 

Congratulations gentlemen on passing the dive industry's most complete and thorough open water certification.