Our GUE Primer this time around was a busy, busy time. We had five students for our class this time around and this meant two teams of divers. Luckily the water temps were above normal for this time of year and though the visibility was a bit "challenging", we still were able to do all our dives and then some. 



















We were lucky to have my good friend and fellow GUE instructor Nick Schoeffler from Melbourne, Australia arrange his busy schedule and co-teach this class with me. Nick is a very inspirational speaker and provides some very insightful comments both in water and in class. It was a privilege to work with him and I know that I personally came away with some more tools for my teaching "toolbox". 


Again, Dave Healy was our illustrious cameraman and I think I may have to promote him to "cameraman, level 2". Beyond Deep Diving again provided our home base and had to work a little harder making sure all the logistics were sorted for our class. Again, they came through with flying colours. 


Congratulations to Michelle, Martina, Colten, Mitch and Tiffany for working so hard and doing well during the class. Thanks for hanging in there! :-) Thanks from Nick and I for working so hard! 

And Thanks again Nick for co-teaching the class. And BTW, nice business cards......:-)