GUE Primer

April 30 - May 2, 2010

Victoria, BC


Congratulations to Adam, Kirk and Jordan for completing last weekend's GUE Primer course!


Thanks for working so hard and focusing on the foundational skills for the duration of the course. It is truly amazing how adopting the approach of "simple things done precisely" brings a degree of precision and control to your diving. This in turn leads to a more comfortable diver who will have more fun in their underwater world!




We had decent weather and while the viz' could have been better, it was still adequate for the camera...sorry guys..:-)







Speaking of cameras, thanks again to Dave Healy for offering up his time to be our volunteer cameraman for the weekend!






I am happy to report that after this weekend we have three more divers who have made the commitment to conservation, education, and exploration with GUE. Thanks for the hard work guys.....