GUE Instructor Training Course

Becoming a GUE Instructor requires a significant committment in terms of time and energy. As a GUE Instructor Trainer I can provide the training you will need and I am qualified to give you the first of two "signatures" you will need to gain instructor accreditation. Please consult the GUE standards for prerequisites or contact me if you have any questions. I will be happy to work with you to help you work your way through the process.

Please see below for information on the GUE Instructor Training Course.



 2.5.1 Instructor Training Course Course Outcomes 

GUE’s Instructor Training Course (ITC) is designed to develop qualified GUE instructors within relevant GUE curricula. Prerequisites 

Applicants for an ITC must: 

1. Have fulfilled the General Instructor Candidate Prerequisites as outlined in section 3.5.2. 

2. Have fulfilled the Instructor Candidate curriculum-specific prerequisites for the curriculum in which they are seeking an instructor rating. Instructor Training Course Specific Training Standards 

1. Maximum a candidate-to-staff ratio of 4:1. Course Content 

The Instructor Training Course is conducted over at least five days with a minimum 40 hours of instruction, encompassing classroom, land drills and in-water work. Required Training Materials 

GUE training materials and recommended reading as determined by the course study packet received via online download after GUE course registration. Academic Topics 

1. Introduction: GUE organization and course overview (objectives, limits, expectations) 

2. Classroom, field and in-water teaching techniques 

3. Debriefing strategies 

4. Course structure and content 

5. Video analysis 

6. GUE Standards and Procedures Equipment Requirements 

GUE base configuration as outlined in Appendix A. 

Equipment needs may vary with the ITC being conducted. Please verify requirements with GUE HQ. 

2.5.2 Instructor Trainer Development Course Course Outcomes 

GUE’s Instructor Trainer Development Course is designed to provide qualified, active GUE instructors with the skills necessary to cultivate and evaluate prospective GUE instructor-candidates in conformity with GUE standards. GUE Standards and Procedures, Version 7.0 

66 Prerequisites 

Applicants for an Instructor Trainer Development course must: 

1. Be an Active status GUE instructor. 

2. Submit a letter of application to the GUE Director of Training outlining their reasons for pursuing this rating and their suitability for it. 

3. Demonstrate leadership level administrative skills. 

4. Demonstrate leadership level educational skills. 

5. Demonstrate a commitment to mentoring instructor candidates. 

6. Demonstrate impartiality, level-headedness, and sound judgment. 

7. Have taught at least five classes in the curriculum in which they are pursuing an Instructor Trainer rating. Duration 

The Instructor Trainer Development Course is conducted over a minimum of two days. Course Content 

The Instructor Trainer Development Course involves two days of leadership training during which candidates will engage in a management-level understanding of GUE’s Standards and Procedures, discuss instructor-candidate development strategies and organizational expectations, and work to cultivate a precise understanding of what constitutes a minimum standard for certification.