There are currently 12 GUE CCR instructors in the world and we are all experienced technical diving instructors at the highest level for GUE. Several years ago I was lucky enough to be one of the first six beta testers of what is now GUE’s CCR course. After a considerable amount of testing, we chose the JJ CCR unit based on it’s simplicity, rugged functionality, and adaptability with our existing teaching and diving strategy. The JJ has lived up to its original promise and after multiple years of beta testing our CCR classes with GUE instructors and then upper level GUE divers, we released the first GUE CCR course. At the same time the course continued to be developed and matured within the GUE training philosophy.

Please contact me directly with questions about GUE CCR training. It is an upper level course with some specific requirements. It is truly the tool for our future exploration needs and I will be happy to share with you the program outline and the future of CCR within GUE!