GUE Fundamentals

September 7, 2010

Victoria, BC



Our September class consisted of all "out of towners"...:-) Mirko and Karen travelled from the interior of BC and Jim came over from Vancouver. This was an entirely recreational Fundamentals class and everyone attended in a single tank configuration. It is a common misconception that the GUE Fundamentals class is all about the "deep and dark" of technical diving. While this class is the gateway for further GUE technical or Cave training, it is also simply a collection of skills that any open water diver should master: Buoyancy, Trim, propulsion, Situational Awareness. There is something in GUE training for everyone and the Fundamentals class serves as an excellent means of assessing "where you are at" as well as helping you develop a road map to take you to where you want to go.

For Mirko and Karen, this was their first introduction to GUE training and even GUE diving. They made huge strides in their comfort level and control in the water and worked as hard as anyone I have trained. Karen was wearing a wetsuit and never once complained about the cold...:-) Jim had been diving with the GUE group in Vancouver and while very new to the sport, it was very clear how the importance of good mentoring can facilitate the learning curve. It was a great class, and I enjoyed working with everyone.