GUE Fundamentals

October 8, 2010

Victoria, BC



Our October 8th class consisted of two students from out of town and one student who had formerly completed his Primer class with me. As it turned out, all three students knew each other from diving so it made the class a lot of fun. Randy and John made the trip over from Vancouver and Colten was already living in Victoria. Again, our class was held at Beyond Deep Diving and they really deserve a lot of kudos for their continuing support of GUE and our training. Our classes sometimes have some strange hours as weather and circumstances are not always within our control so thanks Dave and Kirk and Beyond Deep for your continuing support.

The guys worked their tail off again and it was particularly funny to see us in the Commonwealth pool dive tank for the pool segment of our class. The facility is huge and there must have been 200 other people there, jumping off the 10m tower, swimming lengths or just soaking in the hot tubs. It was pretty funny to do the UW swim in 15 ft of water surrounded by about 50 pairs of kicking feet....

It was particularly rewarding to watch the guys gel as a team. By about the 3rd dive, their situational awareness was significantly improved and they were helping each other with skills, positioning, and the like. One of the unique things about GUE training is the emphasis on the team: solid teamwork can significantly enhance a students performance in the class and it leaves me feeling "warm and fuzzy inside" when the lights click on and the start working together as a team. At this point, they progress in leaps and bounds. 

Thanks guys for all your efforts and look forward to seeing you in the water.