GUE Fundamentals

March 4-7, 2010

Victoria, BC



Congratulations to Dom Bouchard and Shawn Buttle for passing the latest GUE class held in Victoria on March 4-7. Both students had previously attended the GUE Primer in January and it was very obvious that the Primer class helped prepare them for the challenges of the Fundamentals class. GUE Fundamentals is the gateway class to further cave and technical training and thus, the bar is set very high. Dom is already enrolled in GUE Cave I and I may be around in the water during his course in Mexico.....:-)





It was very rewarding to see two individuals apply themselves so purposefully during the class. Their teamwork skills became more and more solid as the class went on.












The Primer is all about the foundational skills of buoyancy, trim, and propulsion, while in the Fundamentals program, we introduce additional task loading and actual tasks to accomplish while maintaining those foundational skills.  GUE Fundamentals also includes a good portion of class room work and theory and both the students, cameraman and the instructor were tired by the end of the day on Sunday. 

Congratulations gentlemen!  I think the best referral I can provide them is that, yes, I would dive with both of them myself.........:-)