GUE Fundamentals

July 23, 2010

Victoria, BC


Congratulations to Greg and Jordan for achieving solid Technical Fundamental passes at our July GUE Fundamentals class. :-)


We had some great weather for our Fundamentals class this time around. This class was a split weekend class and I have to say that I really like the way it turned out. Students also reported that it was nice to have a break in between the dive sessions to work on specific aspects of their skills.


Both students were prior graduates of the GUE Primer class and as I see more and more students who have first taken the Primer and then went on to Fundamentals, I am more and more impressed with this course of action. Coming to Fundamentals with a solid foundational skill set of buoyancy, trim and propulsion means that we can move ahead with actually working on more advanced in-water components of the Fundamentals program. 

Thanks again to Dave Healy and Beyond Deep Diving who not only made himself available for every single ocean dive as our cameraman, but who has also provided a nurturing and encouraging atmosphere for growing our GUE community of divers.