GUE Fundamentals (upgrade)
Seattle, WA
Aug 5, 2011
This was a busy week in Seattle with upgrade evaluations done on several past students wishing to move further up the ladder of GUE training.

It is possible for a student who has passed the Fundamentals class at the recreational level to be re-evaluated at a later date after they have had an opportunity to work on various skills etc, in preparation for taking further GUE technical or Cave classes. In this way, the Fundamentals class operates as the "gateway" for further training. Prior to an official evaluation students usually have the opportunity to dive with other GUE divers and even with their GUE instructor in a non-formal setting. This is a terrific opportunity for "osmosis" and skill building after their intial GUE training. 

I am happy to report that the upgrades were a success and it was clear that everyone had been working hard during the past few months.  Way to go and a big congratulations to the Seattle GUE community for helping the gang through the process!