GUE Fundamentals 

Seattle, WA

Aug 5, 2011


This was a great class with terrific weather. The students even managed to arrange a flyby of the Blue Angels for me!  I was pretty touched until I realized it was Seattle Seafair and they were there for other reasons...:-)

This was a super fun class with students who came to class prepared to check my depth of knowledge...;-) I think I was one of these same students during my original Fundamentals class so I appreciated their questions. One student even had a 9 hour drive to get to Seattle and I had a ton of respect for his dedication. Wade, I will dive with you any day!  We also had a former Canadian military officer (go Canada..:-) and a Texas swimming record holder. You just never know who is going to darken your door in a Fundamentals class. :-)

The class was a blast and everyone did well. This class was also noteworthy as Koos du Preez was attending as an instructor intern prior to his ITC in September. What was especially cool about this was Koos was one of my students the previous fall in his own Fundamentals class. You have to love how it can pay forward...:-)

Thanks again for the community support everyone and thanks for the Blue Angels...:-)