GUE Primer

January 23, 2010

Victoria BC,



We completed our first Canadian GUE Primer course last weekend and from student reports it was a strong success! The candidates took the course as an introduction to GUE and in order to more fully prepare for further GUE training.

It was very satisfying to see the improvement in individual and team diving skills during the two and one half day course. The Primer is a very dive-intensive class and we spent a lot of time in the water conducting in-water skills training.






The first day's weather was nothing short of amazing and the second day, while being a bit damp, was also good. This was each of the students first experience with video review as a tool in dive training and their comments were very positive. 

During the first evening's class, I invited interested observers to attend and I believe there were in excess of 10 "extra" students sitting in. Thank you to Beyond Deep Diving for hosting the course and special thanks to Dave Healy for being "cameraman extrordinaire". Also special thanks to Dominik for allowing the use of his Westphalia for our video review on site!  That was a very cool thing, although too bad we didn't have the big screen....:-) And finally, a very, very special thanks to the angel who brought five cold divers a one gallon container of hot chocolate from Starbucks, plus enough cinnamon buns and "two bite brownies" to keep us warm and fed. Thanks from all of us Kim. :-)


Guy Shockey